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The Company

70 years in the Argentine and Latin American markets

FAICO Surgical Instrument is an outstanding industry for its wide export capacity and equipment according to the leading-edge technologies, dedicated to contribute to the development of the medicine.

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From the beginning

Since 1945, two craftsmen´s generations, with a remarkable vocation of support to Medicine, have been offering the maximum advances in surgical instruments to the area’s professionals. Due to the continuous technical research and teamwork with distinguished physicians, to favor scientific breakthroughs, they have accomplished the development of high-performance surgical instrument, with national and international recognition.

In 1971, FAICO surgical instruments, was founded by a partner of the Argentine Chamber of Manufacturers of Instrumental, Equipment and Appliances for Medical, Dental and Veterinary use (CAFADIM), which since 1975, up till now, has been called Chamber of Hospital equipment of Argentine Manufacturing (CAEHFA).

In 1976 the first annual exhibition of Hospital Equipment of Argentine Manufacturing (MAEHFA) took place, being FAICO Surgical Instrument the ideologist and coordinator of its creation. These exhibitions were continuously held during the following years until 1982. Nowadays, the exhibition is developed under the name of EXPOMEDICAL, continuing our company with its coordination vocation.

In 1987, FAICO Surgical Instruments was co-founder of the Argentinian Consortium of Equipment Manufacturers and development for health (MEDIAR C.A.F S.A), with the purpose to include integral solutions for hospital equipment. In later years they were awarded important regional undertakings all over Latin-America, especially in Argentina, Peru, Chile and Brazil among others.

In 2003, the production and administration facilities were moved to new premises, located in Villa Devoto neighborhood in Buenos Aires City, creating a more appropriated environment for the growth, development of the activity, and the assistance of our clients.

In 2005, with the purpose of adapting ourselves to international advances in the quality Management System, the company certified the ISO 9001 norm.

In 2007, FAICO became the first company of surgical instruments to obtain the Manufacturing Best Practices, issued by National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT).

In 2009, continuing with its compromise for the quality of its products, FAICO got the quality Certification ISO 13485.

In 2013, FAICO was the first Argentine company of surgical instruments to trace all its products under normalization GS1 DataMatrix. Thus, all its products are identified with a unique and unrepeatable serial code, guaranteeing its legitimacy, tracing the supplying chain, and later Management of the instrumental within the different areas of health centers.

FAICO´s surgical instrument has got the reputation for being a company based on fair behavior, integrity and trust. It firmly believes that by the adherence, of each of its team members, to the highest standards of ethical compliance and responsibility, it is the only acceptable way to keep presence. The Company is renowned and its good reputation reflects the values and quality of services for the compromise with clients.

The importance of ethic is demonstrated by the intense efforts and corporate resources, which are committed to the target of being the most reliable company.

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Offer integral hospital solutions, exceeding the sector´s clients and professional´s expectations, proposing an appropriate environment for the permanent development of both national and international medicine.


  • • Research, detect, select and produce solutions to meet needs of surgical instruments, allowing the optimal means for the labor carried out by the medical professionals.
  • • Advise the industry about surgical instruments and other products acquisition correlated with the raised needs.
  • • Encourage State investment for the development of new medium and high complexity assistance centers, allowing the compliance with the medical needs of the population.
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  • • Seriousness and quality in our performance to face the assumed responsibility
  • • Work in a team, respecting people as well as being self-critical of our facts and opinion.
  • • Sincere communication, self-commitment to tasks and specially, to our customers.

Raw material

FAICO was the first argentine manufacturer of surgical instruments to transform each piece into a unique one by stamping system.

All our production line of cutting instruments with hardened edges uses stainless steel- characteristic AISI 420 forged in a unique hardened piece, which allows an accurate functioning either for elasticity or durability of cutting edges. All instruments without hardened edges are made of stainless steel-characteristic AISI 410 forged in only one hardened piece. Boxes, separators, blades, and other elements are manufactured in stainless steel-characteristic AISI 304 forged in only one piece.

The finishing of our surgical instruments has matte finishing achieved through advanced techniques of electro polishing system. This process avoids the reflex in the surgical field and obtains a better vision of the deep fields.

FAICO products are delivered duly identified by GS1 DataMatrix standards engraved with laser fiber system, ensuring the traceability of all its products in the provision chain and health centers management.


FAICO Surgical Instruments S.A.I.C., warranties all its products during 2 (two) years, except for bad handling, inappropriate use or wear and tear.


Certified Company under Quality Management System ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 ISO 9001 - ISO 13485

Want to contact FAICO? Contact us


Want to contact FAICO? Contact us