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Traceability of surgical instruments: FAICO Track®

In order to comply with the functions for which the surgical instruments were created, there are different and important needs that force us to consider indispensable the tracking of these and other medical related devices.

These products are reusable goods and require a thorough care throughout their useful life.

Currently, most of the surgical instruments marketed in Argentina and in a big part of the world, lack of a unique identification code which identifies them during all their useful life. Consequently, otherwise, they could be lost for not being engraved with leading-edge technology or for only having the data mentioned on the primary packaging which is discarded once opened and working.

With advances in technology and experiences raised in other industries, for example automotive or aerospace, it currently exists the possibility of solving the above mentioned difficulties, opening a new range of services that gives a solution to the existing problems.

Individual identification of surgical instruments legitimizes our products, fighting the fakes, providing more security to the processes in the provision chain and enabling the instruments management inside the sterilization areas in health centers.

Each instrument or medical device is charted through the engraving of a code GS1(1) DataMatrix(2), which identifies its global position (GTIN) and the product serial number.

1 GS1: Global and neutral organization, managed by its own partners. It designs and provides the standards adoption and best practices that speed up and promote the identification, the transaction and goods transference, services and commercial documents.

2 DataMartix is a matrix bar code (2D or bi-dimensional) that can be printed as a square or rectangular symbol composed by individual dots or squares. The data are decoded using a series of dark and light dots of a pre-determined size.

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Want to contact FAICO? Contact us