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Care and maintenance

Nine fundamental rules for the handling and perfect maintenance of surgical instruments

  1. 1- Use the instruments suitably by not dropping them
  2. 2- Clean the instruments immediately after using
  3. 3- Handle the instruments carefully to avoid damaging tips and/or blades
  4. 4- Open the instruments with articulation or zipper for cleaning and sterilization. The instruments which allow a disassembly must be dismantled every time (Preferably use an ultrasonic washer)
  5. 5- Rinse the instruments carefully after cleaning to remove detergent completely
  6. 6- Examine the function of each instrument and separate all the faulty instruments for their repairing
  7. 7- Dry the not needed instruments in the next intervention well, and deposit them in the storage
  8. 8- Dry the instruments to be use in the next intervention well, and sterilize them
  9. 9- Use the instruments according to their usage

Download our surgical instrument maintenance manual

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Want to contact FAICO? Contact us